Successful ITCO Meeting held in Amsterdam

Over 150 delegates attended the 2017 ITCO Members Meeting, held in Amsterdam on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 October 2017.

The Conference opened with a Keynote Presentation on BASF’s use of Tank Containers for Integrated Storage and Logistics Speaker, given by Dr. Thorsten Bieker, Vice President Rail & Site Services, BASF.

On the following day, Mark Bennett, Director, Bennett Consulting gave an overview of Container Shipping: “Mergers, Alliances – what is the future?” He reviewed the current changes in the container shipping industry, the impact of Hanjin bankruptcy, a perspective of takeovers, mergers and what this means for the shipping industry. He then questioned what would be the impact on the tank container industry.

The second keynote speaker was Arie den Bleker, Inland Transport, Rail and Road Transport, Enforcement/Dangerous Goods, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Netherlands, gave a report on the tank container inspection programme in the Port of Rotterdam. He reviewed the developments over the past year, covered the marking of IMO tanks and the different ways of enforcement by the ILT.

Break-out sessions in the afternoon focused on Technical/Regulatory issues affecting the tank container industry, the 2018 Fleet Report, insurance/Risk Assessment for the tank container industry and the possible development of a Charter Party for the Industry. The final session included a presentation by Fort Vale Engineering, giving details of the company’s 50 year history. Fort Vale invited participants to the Cocktail Reception and Dinner, which the company was generously sponsoring.

To view the event publications please view the ITCO Amsterdam Event Page.

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