The Tank Container e-learning course provides guidance on the safe and competent operation of a tank container. This includes background information on the tank container industry, components of the tank and their use, regulations appertaining to the tank, operating the tank and finally depot services including inspection, cleaning, repairs, and testing. On completion, the student should have a comprehensive awareness of the tank container and be equipped to contribute to its safe and efficient use.

The contents are maintained within the scope of the IMDG Code (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) concerning the operation of portable tanks. The lessons allow users to achieve the general and measurable awareness training prescribed by IMDG and additionally provides steps towards function specific training on a range of industry disciplines.

Course overview

This course provides guidance on the safe operation of tank containers. The course covers:

  • The tank container industry
  • Identification of tank equipment and its use
  • Operation of a tank container
  • Safety and regulatory issues
  • Understanding of depot processes

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Why E-Learning?

  • High quality learning, aligned with industry best practice
  • Fraction of the costs of classroom based learning
  • Minimises learning time away from normal role-related duties
  • Learn at your own pace or within timeframes set by course administrator
  • Continuous testing of understanding throughout the course
  • Flexible delivery options

How does it work?

The course comprises four modules. Modules are divided into a series of lessons. Each lesson is followed by questions for the student to answer before progressing to the next lesson. The web version has an administrator function to monitor and manage any number of students in local, regional or global training programs ensuring consistent training standards across the organisation. The course is flexible learning, students can log in and out. In total the student might require about ten hours to complete the course, including the associated reading. A certificate of course completion is issued as a record of the course.

The ITCO Tank Container e-learning Course is operated by EXIS Technologies, the leading supplier of IT systems for the management of dangerous goods in sea transport.

Who should complete the course?

All personnel with a direct responsibility in the operation or management of tank containers, requiring a firm grounding to progress to further learning to meet the specific functions of their role.

All personnel not directly involved, but to whom general awareness will benefit the company and the individual.

  • Operators
  • Shippers and chemical manufacturers
  • Carriers by road, rail and sea
  • Lessors
  • Surveyors and governmental agencies
  • Depot service providers
  • Manufacturing and designers

Course module overview

Module 1 - Introduction

Introduction to tank containers; inc. parts and service equipment, tank types, bulk liquids carried in tanks, industry use of tanks, safety features and environmental sustainability

Module 2 - Regulations

IMDG regulations that relate to the operation of portable tanks, explanation of regulatory requirementsfor a tank to transport substances within the dangerous goods list.

Module 3 - Operations

Safe operation of tanks, procedures for filling and discharge, requirements for cleaning certificates, cargo compatibility, heating, couplings.

Module 4 - Inspections, repair and test

Guidance on depot processes that ensure that the tank is fit for use: acceptable condition, damage assessment and surveys.

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