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Membership is open to companies actively involved in the tank container business, who can contribute to meeting ITCO’s original goals.

The membership fee is 1950 Euros per year. This fee is reviewed each year by the ITCO Board of Directors. Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December. Members joining during the year pay a pro-rata amount.

To apply to join ITCO, please fill in the application form below.

All companies applying to become a Member of the International Tank Container Organisation must do the following:

  • They must meet the criteria for the relevant Division which they will be joining. To download the criteria, click on this link: MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA
  • They must sign a declaration confirming that they will meet the aims of the Organisation. Download the declaration letter HERE

Applications are reviewed by the ITCO Board at the next available Board Meeting.
The ITCO Board has the final discretion on accepting any new proposed member.

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Why Join ITCO?

As an ITCO Member, your company can:

  • Be part of a global association and shape the future of the tank container industry
  • Benefit from a business network that covers the majority of the tank container industry
  • Influence future national and international regulatory policy
  • Ensure that the tank container industry promotes quality and safety
  • Participate in ITCO Members Meetings, Regional Seminars and Industry Exhibitions
  • Get information, education and advice on technical, regulatory and market developments on a global and regional level
  • Get access to the basis for cross-divisional decision making processes to drive
    – technical / technological / business enhancements,
    – code of practices,
    – standards and norms,
    – guidance for implementation.
  • Benefit from transparent and open communication within the framework of competition law, in particular to
    – member companies,
    – tank container industry as a whole,
    – chemical and food grade industry,
    – young professionals,
    – investors,
    – regulatory bodies,
    – the media.

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