Possible Fake ITCO Membership Invoices: Be very careful

Please read this email carefully, as it contains important information.

We have discovered that some ITCO Members have been sent fake invoices for their ITCO Membership Fee.

Please be very careful if you receive any email which is not from my ITCO email address and has a fake ITCO invoice attached to it.

Please note the following:

  • The emails are being sent from a false/fake email address
  • They have the name of a person which is NOT myself or Patrick Hicks
  • They have an office address which has not been used for 10 years
  • The emails state that the company receiving them has been put on a “blacklist” – which does not exist

We all know the problems of criminals who try to obtain money illegally through email scams. It is a problem that is happening more and more frequently these days.

It appears that, in this case, the contact details which are available on the ITCO Membership Directory have been used by criminals to send out these fake invoices.

Please only open emails which are sent by myself or Patrick. Our email details are as follows:


If you need any further information, please let me know.
You can always verify any information/invoice over the phone:

Kate: +44 (0)7515 149033
Patrick: +44 (0)7770 636613

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