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Shanghai Milkyway Chemical Logistics Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Richard Yao
No.39 Building
2777 Jinxiu East Road
Pudong New District

Shanghai Milkyway Chemical Logistics Co., Ltd. is a leading chemical supply chain service provider in China. ISO Tank Bu of Milkyway group focuses on liquid chemical, gas, fuel, foodstuff sectors and specialize in the safe bulk movement and provides customers logistics services featured as high quality, competitive price and safe operation.

Biz Scope ---

International: Offer domestic service, including customs clearance, distribution, management, maintenance and cargo sourcing for global operators; Offer integrated logistics service for one way leasing or dedicated tank service for international tank movement, based on various tank operators which we represent.

Domestic: Owns hundreds of ISO tank containers, including food grade, baffle, special capacity tanks, and offer flexible tank leasing mode; Offer tank leasing service of various specification (such as gas tank, lining tank, electronic heating, 14 CBM tank, swap body tanks); Rich experience technical staff provide loading and unloading guidance, equipment retrofit, technical consultation and otther services to customers.

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