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Contact Person: Sushil G.Thakre
30, Madhuban, Ground Floor, Near Dahisar Telephone Exchange

At Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd. (part of ECT Corporation), we are tank container specialists with our ever expanding fleet of tank containers which is replenished with new fleet additions every year and older tanks are purged out of the system.

Over the last 8 years since our establishment, we have carved a niche for ourselves and, today, operate in more than 70+ countries worldwide with the most reputed clients in the chemical industry worldwide, with whom we have established close knit and invaluable relationship to proffer our nuanced, seamless, textured, calibrated and customized service and product levels, some of which are unparalleled in the industry.

Our team of IMDG certified, international marine law trained and hazardous chemical specialists impart our service portfolios and product acquisition plans with an infinite edge for our customers to avail and benefit from.

The close relationship nurtured over several years that we have with our agents in most of the countries that we operate in and the familial relationship which we have built with them helps us to render personalized attention and prompt service solutions to all our valued customers. Our vendor support systems ensure that we contribute to the training, inculcation and orientation programs of our quality and service levels as an extended arm for customer satisfaction and reach.

Food Cargo, Chemicals, Oleo Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Gases, Cryogenics etc. are only a few cargoes which we move in our tank containers. Commitment to trade in terms of investments in new tank containers (such as the one pictured above), is something which we undertake seriously on a continued & sustained basis.

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