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The latest ITCO Webinar, which took place on 28 January 2022, explored the environmental sustainability of the tank container. The Webinar speakers provided insight and expert information about the processes that are being implemented, to introduce sustainable best-practice to the industry – and how ITCO Members can promote to their clients the environmental benefits of the tank container.

Presentations are available for Members to download.

Towards “Climate-Neutral” Logistics
William Leigh-Pemberton
Strategic Development Director - Bertschi AG

Sustainable Recycling: Extending the Operational Life of a Tank Container
Martin Levitt
Technical Director - Den Hartogh Global Logistics

Tank Container Repurposing and Recycling
Colin Rubery
Technical Secretary - ITCO

To download the presentations, click on the links below:


Sustainable Recycling, Extending the Operational Life of a Tank container 309.35 KB

Environmental Sustainability Seminar Towards Climate - Neutral Logistics 974.42 KB

Environment 235.49 KB

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