ITCO Technical Webinar - Review-Amendment ISO 1496 - Part 3 (Tank Containers)


ITCO Technical Webinar ISO 1496

Date: Wednesday 1 February 2023
Time: 10.00 CET, 17.00 China

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The next ITCO Webinar will provide details on the proposed ISO Work Group review and amendment of ISO 1496:3 Tank containers for liquids, gases, and pressurised dry bulk.

  • The ISO Standard is an essential tool in tank container design and may also be used as a contractual requirement in a purchase agreement between supplier and customer.
  • On occasions, design and manufacture to this Standard confers a regulatory compliance for the transport of dangerous goods.
  • The review process for ISO Standards seeks to consult with industry - and thereby ensure proposed amendments are widely agreed.

Webinar Agenda

Review of:
Series 1 Freight containers - Specification and testing
ISO 1496 - Part 3: Tank containers for liquids, gases, and pressurized dry bulk

  • An overview of the current Standard with reference to the wider freight container industry
  • Details of proposed amendments
  • Participation by ITCO members in the ISO process

Webinar Time

The Webinar will take place at the following time:

  • 09:00 UK
  • 10:00 Central European Time
  • 17:00 China

Depending upon the number of registrations from the North America time zone, a second webinar could be organised at 10.00 EST


Members wishing to participate in the Webinar must register in advance.

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