ITCO Technical Webinar - Review-Amendment ISO 1496 - Part 3 (Tank Containers)

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ITCO Technical Webinar ISO 1496

ITCO organised a Webinar on the review and amendment of “ISO 1496:3 Tank containers for liquids, gases, and pressurised dry bulk”.

The ISO Standard is an essential tool in tank container design and may also be used as a contractual requirement in a purchase agreement between supplier and customer. On occasions, design and manufacture to this Standard confers a regulatory compliance for the transport of dangerous goods. The review process for ISO Standards seeks to consult with industry - and thereby ensure proposed amendments are widely agreed.
Webinar Agenda

The Webinar explained how ITCO Members can participate in the ISO review process.

Click on these links to download the two presentations:


A Review of ISO 1496-3 -Tank Containers 1.54 MB

Series 1 freight containers - Specification and testing 533.17 KB

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