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2023 divisional meetings

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ITCO is organising its 2023 Divisional Meetings on Tuesday 28 February and Wednesday 1 March 2023.

All ITCO Members are invited to participate in their company’s Divisional Meeting.
As in 2021 and 2022, these Meetings will be organised “on-line”, using Zoom. Registration details and link are shown below.

Dates and times as follows: (Time shown are Central European Time):

Tuesday 28 February 2023
10:00 CET: Operators Division
12:00 CET: Leasing Division

Wednesday 1 March 2023
10:00 CET: Manufacturers Division
12:00 CET: Tank Service Providers Division

Please note:

Members may only participate in the Meeting of the ITCO Division to which they belong.

If you register for the wrong Divisional Meeting, your registration will be cancelled – please make sure that you register for the correct Divisional Meeting!

Agenda for the Meetings – items for inclusion in the Agenda

  • The Divisional Meetings are organised to provide an opportunity for ITCO Members to discuss matters of common interest to their Industry Sector and Organisation Division.
  • Members are welcome to raise any issues that they would like discussed by the Group.
  • Items discussed during the meeting and requiring further action will then be passed to the ITCO Board for review and appropriate action.
  • To submit items for inclusion in your Divisional Meetings, please contact either myself, or your Division’s Chairman and Vice-Chairman

Operators Division

Chairman: William Leigh-Pemberton -
Vice-Chairman: Mark Warner -

Leasing Company Division

Chairman: Paul Pigmans -
Vice-Chairman: Mike Broadhurst -

Manufacturers Division

Chairman: Contact Jee - or Mike Himbury -
Vice-Chairman: Graham Blanchard -

Tank Service Providers Division

Chairman: Jim Silver -
Vice-Chairman: Mike Tunstall


You may only register for the Division to which your company belongs.

To register, click on the relevant link:

Operators Division

Leasing Company Division
Click on this link: LESSORS REGISTRATION

Manufacturers Division

Tank Service Providers Division
Click on this link: TSP DIVISION


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