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Successful 2019 Asia Regional Meeting in Shanghai…

Over 105 delegates participated at the 2019 ITCO Asia Regional Meeting in Shanghai on Wednesday 27 November. Conference topics focused on: Safety, Efficiency and Environmental issues.

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A wide range of ITCO members attended the Asia Regional meeting in Shanghai, including tank container operators, leasing companies, equipment manufacturers and suppliers of systems and services.

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Over 100 delegates participated in the meeting

Keynotes: The first of two Keynote Presentation at the Conference was given by Graeme Gunn, Senior HSE Consultant at Shanghai Freemen Chemical, who reviewed the Chinese chemical industry approach to process safety, indicating how this may affect ITCO Members’ operations. He looked at where the chemical industry is now, and the direction in which it is going, and then considered the impact upon transport and logistics safety requirements.

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Graeme Gunn, Senior HSE Consultant at Shanghai Freemen Chemical

The second Keynote Presentation was given by Chen Yi, of the TT Club’s Shanghai Office, who spoke about the lessons learned from the MSC Flaminia decision. He discussed the issues arising from casualties, analysed the expert evidence and judgments, and considered the lessons learned, in terms of logistics challenges, control measures and culture change.

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Chen Yi, TT Club

Graham Wood, Director, Davlis ISO Containers focused on two issues. He underlined the role and responsibility of tank depots in the safe disposal of hazardous waste, confirming that hazardous waste must be disposed of using government approved contractors. He stressed that monitoring of any wastewater permitted to be disposed of in sewers must be maintained and strictly controlled to the government approved levels. In addition, he asked the industry to reduce the use of plastics where possible and to use biodegradable alternatives.

The second issue to be tackled is the problem of leaking from tank containers. He explained why this is an issue that affects the whole industry, gave reasons for valve and flange leakages and suggested actions that can be taken.

Shanghai 2019 05

Graham Wood, Director, Davlis

The final presentation was given by Clive Francis, Vice-President – Asia, EXSIF Worldwide, who focused on the environmental issues with the disposal of empty used plastic bags. He reviewed what the issues that are being faced, and asked what the industry is doing.

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Clive Francis, V-P-Asia, EXSIF Worldwide

…and @TCO/ITCO Workshop promotes Depot Audit Scheme

Earlier in the day, the morning was devoted to the 2nd Asia @TCO/ITCO Depot Workshop

The Workshop comprised presentations on:

  • An Update on @TCO/ITCO Combined Organisation
  • Explanation of the Depot Audit Process
  • Chemical company requirements from depots
  • Gaskets and valves issues

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Members may download the presentations made during the Conference and Depot Workshop from the ITCO website. Many thanks to CIMC, the Event sponsor.


Brief Introduction to TT Club and MSC Flaminia Case 2.81 MB

Tank Container Depots and Cleaning Stations 1.89 MB

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ITCO Working together for a better Environment 607.85 KB

China Tank Cleaning Station Cardinal Rules Introduction 568.28 KB

The Chinese chemical industry approach to process safety & how this may affect your operation 1.19 MB

ITCO Shanghai Meeting ITCO Activities Report 458.8 KB

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